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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Grind - 9/23/15

Here we go. Another show! Two in one month. Holy shit. The Grind is here with your typical mix of Death Metal, Grind, Sludge, HC, Doom, Loud Shit, etc. If you dig the show throw a link out there and spread it around like the plague. If you don't like this show... well... fuck ya anyway and thanks for stopping by. Download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. And you know you gotta PLAY IT LOUD!

The Grind - 9/23/15

Cryptic Depths of Unlight - Nex Carnis     
Cybernetic - Organism
Fallen Humanity - Disgruntled Anthropophagi
Demonic Possession - Daemoniac
The World Burns Forever - Beyond Hell
Messiah Complex - Necrosis

Old Ruins Slumber in a Crushing Hatred of Man - Adversarial
Submission Reigns - Genocide Pact
Exhumed - Festering
Human Disassembly Line - Gutted Alive
Wendingo - Disgusti
Teased And Tormented - Grunt
Becoming The Dominus - Grunt
Numb - Maranatha   

Tangerine Nightmare - Tons
In Toilet - Meatwound
Fields Of Scattered Bones - Pissgrave
Underneath This Rotten Soil - Wombbath    
No Time - Tolar
Euphoric Bloodfeast - Skeletal Remains
Cross-Scalded Flesh - Wooden Stake

Bestial Path - Perversor
Splatter Pattern - Nekro Drunkz
Burst of Black Blood - Torture Pulse
The Trees Of Life And Death - Disembowelment
Fevered Soul - Scorched
Kill Yourself Shit Your Pants - Putrescence    
Redemption In Blood Beast - Panic Disorder
Dawn In The Rotting Paradise - Cropsy Maniac

Morbid Death - Interment

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Grind - 9/2/15

Back in action. Sometimes streaming on the internet radio. Sometimes just a podcast kind of thing you can download here and blast at your own preferred Grind time and place. Either way you know you need to PLAY IT LOUD.

The Grind - 9/2/15

The Cornucopian - Abyssal
Wormhole Prototype - Human Decomposition
The Prophets Of Loss - Cattle Decapitation
Sumerian Sands (The Silence) - Absu
Engulfed By The Plague - Morbid Vomit
Craving To Eternal Slumber - Coffins
The Weight of Hope - Sunlight's Bane
Funeral Earth - Torturerama
Necromancy (Demo) - Blood Ritual
Remember The Flesh - Cut Up 

Power Lines - Wildspeaker
Vague Purity - Sunburster
Concussion - Decrepid
Kogt I Blod - Undergang
Precipice of Absolute Chaos - Ectovoid
The Whispers Of The Hanged - Revolting
Oracle Of The Ungod - Krisiun

Welcome to my Morgue House - Narsamhaar
Liquefaction Necrosis - Grisly Amputation
Protein - BOAK
Shadows Collide - Fuck The Facts
Guilt Tripper - Bleak
Germ Addict - Cumbeast
Fermented in Existential Terror - Embodied Torment
The Loathsome Altar - Decrepitaph

Collapse - Cruciamentum

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Grind - 6/10/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

BAM!! Three years of broadcasting the Grind on Core of Destruction Radio. And 14 years of the Grind being in existence. Fuck. Time flies. Here is a high flying edition of the show jam packed with DOUBLE THE MUSIC. A lot of grind and shit in this show. See if you can decipher the code in the playlist and broadcast by downloading it here: or streaming it on Mixcloud below. Whatever you do... PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 6/10/15

Source Of Suspicions - Cenotaph
Jigsaw - Discordance Axis
Perverted Examinations Institute - Bizarre Embalming
Fall To Extinction - Sewn Shut
Living In Hell - Agathocles
Microwaved Uterogestation - Bodies Lay Broken
Ravish - Carnivorous Vagina
Ben Dover - Acrid
Avarice - Massgrave
D.O.S.A. - Bersimbah Darah
Summonig Famine:  Inherit an Empty World - Abaddon Incarnate
Barefoot and Shit Faced - Fuck... I'm Dead
Colon - Nutriment
Diabolism - Ophiolatry
War Inside - Archagathus
Rise of the Black Moon - Archgoat
Throne Of Death - Pestilence
Without Sincerity - Disrupt
A Guilty Bunch - Columns
Siprinose Addiction - Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
Breath - Force
Mindless Children Of Violent Absurdity - Cerebral Turbulency
Decisions - Cut To Fit
Human Error - Excruciating Terror
Dianoga - Noothgrush
The Pit Of Me - Dead In The Dirt
Powerlines - Cloud Rat
Kid of the Brown Vomit - Birdflesh
Rage - Inhumate
Crutch - Being Killed
The Sickening Dwell - Asphyx
Repulsion - Repulsion
Displacement - Brutal Truth
I Couldn't Care Less - Driller Killer
Watching Through My Chaos - Cripple Bastards
Devoured By Ghouls - Regurgitate
Axe Of Violence - Blood Freak
Kurwa Doktor Recommends - Cannibal Accident
Disgorging Foetus (Regurgitate) - Grandma
Blown Noise - The Kill
Necrocannibal - Mortician
Their Eyes Were Watching The Knife In My Hand - Catasexual Urge Motivation
Preacher Crawling - Pig Destroyer
Saviour-Pressurewave - Rotten Sound
Atrocious Atrocity - Phobia
Feast On Dismembered Carnage - Carcass
Tu Piel Se Pudre Y Cae - Machetazo
Lichenification from Spermatorrhoea - Omphalectoicxanthopsia
Motherfucker - Damage Digital
Stigmatizing - Squash Bowels
Irrational Hate Soaked Fury - Watchmaker
Careless Utterly Dissected - Last Days Of Humanity
Making Roadkill - Cretin
Nuclear Deterrence - Insect Warfare
Waste Of Time - Wormrot
Stranded At Sea - Osk
Revel In Filth - Ribspreader
Disruption Of The Samatognosia - Flesh Grinder

Crown Waits The Immortal - Purtenance

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Grind - 6/3/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here we are with another edition of the Grind. This show was a pretty damn good one I think. Check it out and see for yourself... you can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD and tune in this Wednesday 6/10 for our 3 year anniversary show on Core of Destruction Radio!

The Grind - 6/3/15

Kneel Upon Charred Remnants - Churchburn
Carnivorous Offering - Inhuman Depravity
Ode to Gore - Amputory
Cycle of Annihilation - Discomfort
Eraser - Antigama
Back To The Torture - Deathtopia
Excarnating the Debrided - Bowel Stew
Heretic Holocaust - Soul Devour
Enthroned In Blasphemous Triumph - Blaspherian
Changing Skins - Predatory Light
Evviceate - Encenathrakh
Megacorpse - Discreation
Chaos Requiem - Xul
Doom's Bride - Warhorse
Funeral Creep - Disrupted
Recarbonized - Carbonized
Beyond The Flesh - Entrails
Burning - Noisem
Rage of Odour - Captain Cleanoff
Lobotomized - Haven't Said Enough
We Hate You - Gutter Instinct
Deserve - Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation
The Twisting Spires of Impending Insurmountable Madness - Demonic Possessor
Uncertain Process - Prion

Atonement In Blood - Panopticon Death

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Grind - 5/20/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here is the show from last week. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud below. PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 5/20/15

Ten Fucking Billion - Black Sheep Wall
Segant Entre Diables - Osserp
There Is A Color - Dephosphorus
Depressive Existence - Cysted
Between The Bridge And The Water - Abriosis
Alone in the Grave - Bone Sickness
Bonebreaking and Skullcrushing - Evoked Curse
Cosmic Seeds Of Uncreation - Dead Rooster
Praise the Beast - Cancerbero
Broken On The Wheel - Drawn And Quartered
Neuroperverso Torturador - Absemia
Desecrate My Remains - Being Killed
Permanently Disfigured - Dying Fetus
Healing by Violence - Cleaver
The Drifter's Warning - Axeslasher
Only Choking - Art Of Burning Water
Self Abortion Ritual - Energumen
Burden - Aseethe
Nieve-Segundo - Corrupted
Capo Morra - Breathing Fire
Freeloaders - Rat Faced Bastard
Ape Rape - Die Pigeon Die
Infestation of Worms - Glory Hole
Murderous Urge - Defleshuary
Defisit Empati - Femur
Dead River Intervention - Ritual Killer

Suicidal Cannibalism - Scent Of Flesh

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Grind - 5/13/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Gahhh another show and you aleady know you can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD!

The Grind - 5/13/15

Riddled With Parasites - Daemon Foetal Harvest    
Pitiful God - Burial     
Meeting with the Dead - Gutwrench   
Flesh Idol - Eaten
Dying Threnodies - Sewercide
Guts Out - Meat Cutting Floor    
Purification Of Flesh - Drown In Blood
Battalion Of Hell - DyingBreed
Occult Loud Blast - Master of Cruelty
Start the Warcollapse - Whipstriker
Be My Blood - Young And In The Way
Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts - Impiety
Temple of Rats - Wardaemonic
Gutted - Bile
This Is the End - The Grotesquery

III - Dead In The Manger
Kinship - downpour.
Rats - Weltesser
Constant Suffering - Veld
Deconsecrating The Almighty - Relics Of Humanity 
Frogmen - Vomit Fist
Bone Divinations - Tome
Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos - Sulphur Aeon
A Shank In The Guts - Bahimiron
Vomitouch - Hivesmasher
Portrait Of A Ruined Country - Hedge Fund  
Necrosadist - Necrodeath
Heretical Anatomy - Abyss
Grotesque Butchery - Dungeons of Blood

Trapped In Hell - Gruesome

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FFF - Cryptelisk.

Free Fucking DEATH METAL. Well "name your price" anyway... but close enough.

Cryptelisk have a cool tombs from the cold dark abyss kind of sound going on. Creeped out dead fucks howling from their metal driven tombs. Blasting out the blackened DEATH. Check it out!

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Grind - 4/22/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here we go... another helping! You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD!

The Grind - 4/22/15

Shattered To The Bone - Abnormity
This Time It's War - Bolt Thrower
Heritage of the Jackal - Ignivomous
Instruments Of Eternal Damnation - Hooded Menace
The Disgrace Of God - Blaspherian
Revelation Nausea - Vomitory
The Hideous Stench of Occult Slaughter - Weregoat
Immolated for Reincarnation -  Undead Creep
Hell In Dunwich - Revolting
Chaostorm of Atomization - Blasphemophagher
Your Dead Dog Smile - Entrails
Peeled Like A Pig - Bloodgasm

Unsavorably - Swallowed
Cadaver Disposal - Ribspreader
Oppressing The Weak - Inhume
Emanates From Your Erored Skin - Pulmonary Fibrosis
Recounts of Disembodiment - Beheaded
Corporal Punishment - Wombbath 
Chronic Infection - Pestilence
Rats Nest - Bruja
Disease's Maiming Caress - Thrall
Eyes - Weirding
Boiling In The Hourglass - Timeghoul
Vomiting Out The Chunks - Unearthed Corpse

Scared Stiff - Blood Freak

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Grind - 4/8/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

What do we have in store this week? More metal of course! Let the death commence... download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD!

The Grind - 4/8/15

We Came from the Wild Lands - Whipstriker
Sinking - Choke
War of the Suburbs - Choke
Orgy of Gore - Gorgy
Gnashing of Teeth - Abysmal Lord
Monarch of Curse - Septic Grave
Mist of the Night - Inculter
Terra Nihil - Hacavitz  
Arsenic for this Pathetic Existence - The Haunting Presence
Primordial Domination - Demonic Manifestation
Crowned in Black Fire - Bloodlust
Black Orgasm - Prag
Blood Inhale - Macabre Demise
Cannibalistic Demiurge - Castrensis
Mindless Worship - Defamer

Upon Our Hordes - Exhumation
The Awakening - Bloody Brotherhood 
Meat Slit Grinder - Psycho 
Pigwaste - Inharmonic
No Dice - Osk 
Burned Bridges - Tank  
Morgued - Trudger
Throa -  Norilsk 
Devoured Fears - Morta Skuld   
Angels Burned - Remains
Blury Future - Purulent Spermcanal  
Rite The Mistress Of Absu In Babilon - Magnanimus 

Crap - Noosebomb

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Grind - 4/1/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Back with another show... no fooling. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. You know what to do... PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 4/1/15

Ghouls Wrath - Nocturnal Blood 
The Call of Genocide - Fog
The Concept Of Morality - Barbarity
Foreseen Abomination - Abdicate
Krokodil - Haut&Court.
Still - Death Engine
The Time - The Phantom Carriage
Slaegt - Czar
NecroCrust - Fifteen Dead
Nothing But Death - Daemonicus
Rotting in Mold - Pandemia
Maximum Deformity - Absorbed
Dead Inside - Symbolyc
Infected Upon The Stench Of A Perverse Faith - Down From the Wound
Nausea - Paroxsihzem

Putrid Remains - Wormridden
Festering Embodiment - Festered
Nothing sacred - Creeping Fear 
Demoniac Hunger - Death Vomit
Supervisor - Subservient Fuck
Shiver - Gay Kiss
Fuck The World - Driller Killer
One By One - The Brood
The Well - Disgrace
Pregnant With Parasites - Infested Entrails
Evil Rise - Entasis
Born in Sewage, Bred in Bile - Murder Squad
Pre-Emptive Aggression - Ovaryrot
Grub Into Addled Meat - Pighead
Kick-Ass Drug Dealer - Shroud
Slow Death - Shit Luck
Dark Omens - Death Karma 

Into The Depths Of Madness - Stench Of Decay

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Grind - 3/18/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Back with this great mix of new and old shit. Not a lot of live listeners so I hope you all download or stream this and PLAY IT LOUD!! You can download it here: or stream it at Mixcloud.

The Grind - 3/18/15

Through Cosmic Corridors - Sxuperion
Ashes Of A Demonic Legacy - Abominator
Bring Out Your Dead - Putrefy
Beyond The Pale - Napalm Death
Another Corpse In The Street - Resonance Cascade
Emerald Youngster - Godhole
Omens - Slavedriver
Explicit Clinic Case - Cotard Syndrome
Blood-Stained Carpet - Sadis Euphoria
Overwhelming Positive Vibe - Nervous Impulse
Growing In Violence - Decerebration
Mutilation At The Altar - Embalmer
Mass - Fanchon
God Made Filth - Immolation
Dead Red - Cemetary

Promise - Old Man Gloom
Catalepsy - Knelt Rote
The Flowers Mourn Persephone - Ophiuchus
Necrophilia - Horse Latitudes
It Can't Be Helped - Jucifer
Rat Viscera - Omniscient Foe
Inside Out - Multiplex
Stains - LINK
The Grave Hill - Warhammer
Preaching Insanity - Necropsy
Crush The Seals - Martyrvore
At The Mouth - Lord Mantis
Self Interest As The Engine Of Progress - Let It Die

Disturbing The Dead - The Dead
Nameless Faceless - Nekrosity

Sunday, March 15, 2015

FFF - Ophiuchus.


Death/Doom here from Ophiuchus. Digging the crypt sounds and heavy feel. "Name your price" and take a dip in the crypt.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Grind - 2/18/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

A wolfed out mix of death metal, sludge, grind, doom, and more. Grow some hair on those hands and download the show here: or stream  it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 2/18/15

Moist Purple Skin - Centinex
Monarch - Horrendous
The Prowler - Foreseen
In The Name Of The Flesh - Revel In Flesh
Fortress of Gods - Fortress
Narco Terror - Meth Drinker
Nothing Is Clean - Bloody Phoenix
Disdain - ColumnIII
Poisoned Altars - Lord Dying
Paranoia - Hierophant
Desecration - Genocide Pact
Thrum In The Deep - Full Of Hell & Merzbow
Sewers - IRN
Begging for Cremation - Live Burial

Devoured by Carcass - Death Vomit
Waft of Stench - Fuck... I'm Dead
Suffer - Graves
Through the Gates (They Come for Me) - Hod
Lurking In The Catacombs - Claws
Vermin in My Arteries - Dwell
Alcoholic Lust -  Corpse Grinder
Asepsiophago Thanatosis - Autophagia
No Land Rights To Speak Of - Humiliation
Watch the Red Devils Burn - Halo of Knives
Bite And Get In It - Flesh Parade
No Structure, Total Violence - Hivesmasher
Ominous Alliance - Doombringer
Saturnal Rites - Ghoulgotha
Dead Weight - HailNothing

The Manifestation - Disma

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Grind - 2/11/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Right back at it with that wizard shit straight from the wizard tit. Usual mix of death metal, grind, and fucking loud shit. You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Choose your own adventure but PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 2/11/14

Adulation Of The Spheres - Bones
Ghost of Teeth and Hair - Cretin
Cure - Discourse
Nothing Left - Eris
Masquerade In Red - Chapel Of Disease
Ecpyrosis - Eroded
Echoes Of The Dead - Consecration
Through Coalescence - Utopium
Exhibitionist - Human Bodies
Violence - Fvck Mountain
Broken Future - Ekranoplan
Beyond My Hands - Cowards

Order of the Lone Wolf - Terror Squad
The Mask of Anatomy - Defilementory
Beyond Cremation - Bloodbath
Sacrificial Pawns - Diseased Reason
Domestic Mutations - Blood Freak
Ichor - General Surgery
Kill - Vein
Mental Walls - Famine
Our Creation - Columns
Remote - Gadget
Praying Mantic - Transient
Life After Nuclear Genocide - Violent Hammer
A River of Corpses - Suppuration
Bone Box - Embalmer
Coffinborn - Gluttony
Eternal Enslavement - Tombstalker

This Tomb Is My Altar - Grave Miasma

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Grind - 1/28/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

First show of a new year, first show in a new time slot, hopefully some new listeners too. If you missed the live show you can download the archived version here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Whatever you do... PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 1/28/15

Dear Parasite - WVRM
1 - Yurodiviye
II - Woudloper
Nekromantik - Ultratumba
Last Grip Of The Hand Of Guilt - Tongues
Heathen - Today Is The Day
Vengeance - Protestant
The Philosophy Of Meat Axe Self Sodomy - Chainsaw Suicide
Mutants That Live For One Day - 7 H.Target
Revisionist History - Hedge Fund
Exordium - Dakhma
Tribulation Shackles - Execration

Mutilator - BloodBeast
Fear the Priest - Necrophagia
Obsessed by the Macabre - Gravesite
Descent Into Putridity - Horrified
Beg For Your God - Deathronation
The Slasher - Pharaoh
Constant Graving - Chainbreaker
Convicted - Bestiality
Dust - Carnal Tomb
Rotting Immemorial - Encoffination
Foehammer - Conan
Watchful Defiler - Bastard Feast
Civitas - Nesseria

Life Denied - Act of God

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Grind - New time slot!!

The Grind is back on Core of Destruction Radio! Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm EST. Tune in live for the best mix of DEATH METAL, GRIND, HARDCORE, SLUDGE, DOOM and other LOUD SHIT.

Friday, January 16, 2015

FFF - Fange.

In the need for some French sludge/wtf/heavy sounds here on FFF? Good news! We have it. Fange. This is their record Poisse. You can "name your price" and get it yo damn self.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Grind - 2014 Recap Edition.

Here is the last edition of The Grind for the year. A recap of awesome shit that was released in 2014. Not a "best of" or some kind of underground cred list. Just tracks that I enjoyed from throughout the year. Had a hard time whittling it down so this show is 3 hours long. You can get the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Enjoy it and PLAY IT LOUD.

The Grind - 2014 Recap Edition

Burial Rites - Carnal Tomb
The Only Grave - Aevangelist
Trepanation - Corpsessed
Patriot - Hate Force
Rise Of The Downtrodden - Boddicker
Haunted by Demons - Under the Church
King Of Flesh Ripped - Autopsy
Raising the Corpse - Ripper
Dead - Cloudburst
Conscious Autopsy - Graverobber
Systematic Genocide - Shitgrinder
Jones - World Is Shit
Demoness - WVRM
In Defiance of the Sages - Thou
Nothing To Win - YOB
Hunting Rats - Barbarian Swords
Black Phlegm - Swallowed
Screams From The Catacombs - Cemetery Filth
Yogge-Sothothe - Unaussprechlichen Kulten
O Regresso Do Mal - Besta
Through the Cockroach - Dakhma
Paid In Full - ACxDC
Childcraft - Cloud Rat
Serpentskin - Dead Congregation
Withered Dreams Of Death - Cemetery Fog
Buried In Misery - Haunting
Chaos Coffin - Eaten
Path To Destruction - Phobia
Hollow Black Eyes - Wormwood
Merciless Disease - Pyre
From A Glaciate Womb - Incantation
The Abyssal - Puteraeon
Total Devastation - Agonised
Stalker - Bastard Grave
Craving for Flesh - Violent Hammer
Sentient Aberrations - Impetuous Ritual
Seaweed - Altar
Blood Consecration - Ascended Dead
Church Of Salvation - Deathronation
Slimewave Zero - Slugdge
Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth - Encoffination

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Grind - XMASS 2014 Edition.

Ho ho ho... fuck all y'all. Here a fat stinking filthy mass straight out of the chimney and into your ears courtesy of the holidaze. Jam this shit loud enough to shake the cookie crumbs right out of santa's asscrack. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud.

The Grind - XMASS 2014 Edition

Slayride - Frightmare
The Sign From The North Side - Amorphis
Children's Game - Barbarity
Sugar Spiced Anus - Pyaemia
Hunter Of The Children - Cerebral Turbulency
Faces Under the Ice - Krabathor
Fatfire - Abscess
Old Father - Bastard Feast
1598-Christmas with the Deathriders - Nomenmortis
Santa Is Real, And I Shot Him In The Fucking Face - Pukinaman
A Massacre In The North - Abominable Putridity
Rendered Into Lard - Broken Hope
The Red Mass - Ex Dementia
Saint Father Paedophile - Squash Bowels
Carbonized Saint - Corpse Grinder
Lock Up Your Children - Morbid Saint
(Beyond the) North Winds - Celtic Frost
Lord of the Red Land - Adramelech
Gift Of Rotten Flesh - Cryptborn
Feed the Fire - Evocation
Nocturnal Slayer - Blasphemy
A Christmas Carol - Cage Grind Noir
Red Rager - The Kill
Santa Claus Was Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia Is Dead - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Charred Remains - Unseen Terror
I See Red - Brutal Truth
Pigs on Fire - Suffering Quota
Fatty - Spliff
Mr. S - The Nutries
Praise The Children - Autopsy
Santagod - Destroy
Snow In The Shadows - Corax
Deck The Halls With Blood Painted Walls - Totally Pissed Off
Clockwork Toy - Hellchild
What Was Red is Black Instead - Plagues
Gift and Gift Unsteady - Trap Them
Silent Night, Bloody Night - Mortician
The Fat Grinder - Gutgrinder
The Way of the Slay - Volturyon
Remains in Red - Entrails
Dismemberment Of The Bloated Body - Intestinal Disgorge
Deck The Halls - Flatulated

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FFF - Crutches.

How about a little d-beat action from Sweden? Sounds good? Then listen to Crutches. Crusty shit with a bit of everything you expect from a swedish d-beat band. "Name your price" and get in the pit!