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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Grind - 3/18/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Back with this great mix of new and old shit. Not a lot of live listeners so I hope you all download or stream this and PLAY IT LOUD!! You can download it here: or stream it at Mixcloud.

The Grind - 3/18/15

Through Cosmic Corridors - Sxuperion
Ashes Of A Demonic Legacy - Abominator
Bring Out Your Dead - Putrefy
Beyond The Pale - Napalm Death
Another Corpse In The Street - Resonance Cascade
Emerald Youngster - Godhole
Omens - Slavedriver
Explicit Clinic Case - Cotard Syndrome
Blood-Stained Carpet - Sadis Euphoria
Overwhelming Positive Vibe - Nervous Impulse
Growing In Violence - Decerebration
Mutilation At The Altar - Embalmer
Mass - Fanchon
God Made Filth - Immolation
Dead Red - Cemetary

Promise - Old Man Gloom
Catalepsy - Knelt Rote
The Flowers Mourn Persephone - Ophiuchus
Necrophilia - Horse Latitudes
It Can't Be Helped - Jucifer
Rat Viscera - Omniscient Foe
Inside Out - Multiplex
Stains - LINK
The Grave Hill - Warhammer
Preaching Insanity - Necropsy
Crush The Seals - Martyrvore
At The Mouth - Lord Mantis
Self Interest As The Engine Of Progress - Let It Die

Disturbing The Dead - The Dead
Nameless Faceless - Nekrosity

Sunday, March 15, 2015

FFF - Ophiuchus.


Death/Doom here from Ophiuchus. Digging the crypt sounds and heavy feel. "Name your price" and take a dip in the crypt.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Grind - 2/18/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

A wolfed out mix of death metal, sludge, grind, doom, and more. Grow some hair on those hands and download the show here: or stream  it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 2/18/15

Moist Purple Skin - Centinex
Monarch - Horrendous
The Prowler - Foreseen
In The Name Of The Flesh - Revel In Flesh
Fortress of Gods - Fortress
Narco Terror - Meth Drinker
Nothing Is Clean - Bloody Phoenix
Disdain - ColumnIII
Poisoned Altars - Lord Dying
Paranoia - Hierophant
Desecration - Genocide Pact
Thrum In The Deep - Full Of Hell & Merzbow
Sewers - IRN
Begging for Cremation - Live Burial

Devoured by Carcass - Death Vomit
Waft of Stench - Fuck... I'm Dead
Suffer - Graves
Through the Gates (They Come for Me) - Hod
Lurking In The Catacombs - Claws
Vermin in My Arteries - Dwell
Alcoholic Lust -  Corpse Grinder
Asepsiophago Thanatosis - Autophagia
No Land Rights To Speak Of - Humiliation
Watch the Red Devils Burn - Halo of Knives
Bite And Get In It - Flesh Parade
No Structure, Total Violence - Hivesmasher
Ominous Alliance - Doombringer
Saturnal Rites - Ghoulgotha
Dead Weight - HailNothing

The Manifestation - Disma

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Grind - 2/11/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Right back at it with that wizard shit straight from the wizard tit. Usual mix of death metal, grind, and fucking loud shit. You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Choose your own adventure but PLAY IT LOUD!!

The Grind - 2/11/14

Adulation Of The Spheres - Bones
Ghost of Teeth and Hair - Cretin
Cure - Discourse
Nothing Left - Eris
Masquerade In Red - Chapel Of Disease
Ecpyrosis - Eroded
Echoes Of The Dead - Consecration
Through Coalescence - Utopium
Exhibitionist - Human Bodies
Violence - Fvck Mountain
Broken Future - Ekranoplan
Beyond My Hands - Cowards

Order of the Lone Wolf - Terror Squad
The Mask of Anatomy - Defilementory
Beyond Cremation - Bloodbath
Sacrificial Pawns - Diseased Reason
Domestic Mutations - Blood Freak
Ichor - General Surgery
Kill - Vein
Mental Walls - Famine
Our Creation - Columns
Remote - Gadget
Praying Mantic - Transient
Life After Nuclear Genocide - Violent Hammer
A River of Corpses - Suppuration
Bone Box - Embalmer
Coffinborn - Gluttony
Eternal Enslavement - Tombstalker

This Tomb Is My Altar - Grave Miasma

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Grind - 1/28/15 (Core of Destruction Radio)

First show of a new year, first show in a new time slot, hopefully some new listeners too. If you missed the live show you can download the archived version here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Whatever you do... PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 1/28/15

Dear Parasite - WVRM
1 - Yurodiviye
II - Woudloper
Nekromantik - Ultratumba
Last Grip Of The Hand Of Guilt - Tongues
Heathen - Today Is The Day
Vengeance - Protestant
The Philosophy Of Meat Axe Self Sodomy - Chainsaw Suicide
Mutants That Live For One Day - 7 H.Target
Revisionist History - Hedge Fund
Exordium - Dakhma
Tribulation Shackles - Execration

Mutilator - BloodBeast
Fear the Priest - Necrophagia
Obsessed by the Macabre - Gravesite
Descent Into Putridity - Horrified
Beg For Your God - Deathronation
The Slasher - Pharaoh
Constant Graving - Chainbreaker
Convicted - Bestiality
Dust - Carnal Tomb
Rotting Immemorial - Encoffination
Foehammer - Conan
Watchful Defiler - Bastard Feast
Civitas - Nesseria

Life Denied - Act of God

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Grind - New time slot!!

The Grind is back on Core of Destruction Radio! Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm EST. Tune in live for the best mix of DEATH METAL, GRIND, HARDCORE, SLUDGE, DOOM and other LOUD SHIT.

Friday, January 16, 2015

FFF - Fange.

In the need for some French sludge/wtf/heavy sounds here on FFF? Good news! We have it. Fange. This is their record Poisse. You can "name your price" and get it yo damn self.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Grind - 2014 Recap Edition.

Here is the last edition of The Grind for the year. A recap of awesome shit that was released in 2014. Not a "best of" or some kind of underground cred list. Just tracks that I enjoyed from throughout the year. Had a hard time whittling it down so this show is 3 hours long. You can get the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. Enjoy it and PLAY IT LOUD.

The Grind - 2014 Recap Edition

Burial Rites - Carnal Tomb
The Only Grave - Aevangelist
Trepanation - Corpsessed
Patriot - Hate Force
Rise Of The Downtrodden - Boddicker
Haunted by Demons - Under the Church
King Of Flesh Ripped - Autopsy
Raising the Corpse - Ripper
Dead - Cloudburst
Conscious Autopsy - Graverobber
Systematic Genocide - Shitgrinder
Jones - World Is Shit
Demoness - WVRM
In Defiance of the Sages - Thou
Nothing To Win - YOB
Hunting Rats - Barbarian Swords
Black Phlegm - Swallowed
Screams From The Catacombs - Cemetery Filth
Yogge-Sothothe - Unaussprechlichen Kulten
O Regresso Do Mal - Besta
Through the Cockroach - Dakhma
Paid In Full - ACxDC
Childcraft - Cloud Rat
Serpentskin - Dead Congregation
Withered Dreams Of Death - Cemetery Fog
Buried In Misery - Haunting
Chaos Coffin - Eaten
Path To Destruction - Phobia
Hollow Black Eyes - Wormwood
Merciless Disease - Pyre
From A Glaciate Womb - Incantation
The Abyssal - Puteraeon
Total Devastation - Agonised
Stalker - Bastard Grave
Craving for Flesh - Violent Hammer
Sentient Aberrations - Impetuous Ritual
Seaweed - Altar
Blood Consecration - Ascended Dead
Church Of Salvation - Deathronation
Slimewave Zero - Slugdge
Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth - Encoffination

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Grind - XMASS 2014 Edition.

Ho ho ho... fuck all y'all. Here a fat stinking filthy mass straight out of the chimney and into your ears courtesy of the holidaze. Jam this shit loud enough to shake the cookie crumbs right out of santa's asscrack. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud.

The Grind - XMASS 2014 Edition

Slayride - Frightmare
The Sign From The North Side - Amorphis
Children's Game - Barbarity
Sugar Spiced Anus - Pyaemia
Hunter Of The Children - Cerebral Turbulency
Faces Under the Ice - Krabathor
Fatfire - Abscess
Old Father - Bastard Feast
1598-Christmas with the Deathriders - Nomenmortis
Santa Is Real, And I Shot Him In The Fucking Face - Pukinaman
A Massacre In The North - Abominable Putridity
Rendered Into Lard - Broken Hope
The Red Mass - Ex Dementia
Saint Father Paedophile - Squash Bowels
Carbonized Saint - Corpse Grinder
Lock Up Your Children - Morbid Saint
(Beyond the) North Winds - Celtic Frost
Lord of the Red Land - Adramelech
Gift Of Rotten Flesh - Cryptborn
Feed the Fire - Evocation
Nocturnal Slayer - Blasphemy
A Christmas Carol - Cage Grind Noir
Red Rager - The Kill
Santa Claus Was Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia Is Dead - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Charred Remains - Unseen Terror
I See Red - Brutal Truth
Pigs on Fire - Suffering Quota
Fatty - Spliff
Mr. S - The Nutries
Praise The Children - Autopsy
Santagod - Destroy
Snow In The Shadows - Corax
Deck The Halls With Blood Painted Walls - Totally Pissed Off
Clockwork Toy - Hellchild
What Was Red is Black Instead - Plagues
Gift and Gift Unsteady - Trap Them
Silent Night, Bloody Night - Mortician
The Fat Grinder - Gutgrinder
The Way of the Slay - Volturyon
Remains in Red - Entrails
Dismemberment Of The Bloated Body - Intestinal Disgorge
Deck The Halls - Flatulated

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FFF - Crutches.

How about a little d-beat action from Sweden? Sounds good? Then listen to Crutches. Crusty shit with a bit of everything you expect from a swedish d-beat band. "Name your price" and get in the pit!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Grind - 11/16/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Last show for a bit. Going to be away from home the next couple months and unable to do radio. Will be back next year with more sickness and a new time slot on Core of Destruction Radio. For now you have to make do by downloading this: or listen on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 11/16/14

Cursed Eternity - Funebrarum
Breeding Maggots - Deus Otiosus    
Your Blood I Bleed - Ungod
Menial Subsistence - Genocide Pact
Frosted Breath - Desecration
Chainsaw - Ritual Of Flesh
Chained In Agony - Death Vomit
Ancient Ones - Eternal Darkness
Suffering Life - Funerus   
The Skinner - Dead Remains
Problems - Eternal Oblivion
Forever Eternal Darkness - Nocturnal Torment
Mortal Decay Engendered - Cadaverous Incarnate

Diseased Altered Corpse - Dr.Gore
Scattered Cranial Remains - Jigsore Terror
Fucked - Facedowninshit
Severing Ties - Teethgrinder
Necrosis - Carried Off By Wolves
March Of The Curmudgeon - Primate
Storm Of Silence - Defeatist
No Reason - Victims
Silenced And Imprisoned - Vulgar Pigeons
Death owns the Night - Tormented
Sentiment Dissolve - Element
Dignity In Void - Refusal
Days Are Dark - Convulse
Prey To Dismay - Epitaph
Morbid Possession - Profaner
Stockpile Of Mutilated Cadavers - Disastrous

Death Before Dismember - Gutted
Arise - Sepultura

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Grind - 11/9/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here is another show. Spitting into the ether. Loud long and heavy shit in this mix. Because. You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 11/9/14

There Once Were Mountains Of Ice - Beast In The Field
I Am Nothing - Electric Wizard
Witchery - Horsehunter
Planned Obsolescence - Boroughs
Dosa - Haram
Nigredo - Dead Congregation
Burn Autumn Burn - Swarm Of The Lotus
You Deserve Me - Knut
Constant Autumn - Gridlink
Vistas - Baptists

Eruption Of Soul - Femur
Vultures Descend - Disentomb
Resorting to Cannibalism - Fetus Grinder
From the Depths - Bastard Grave
Civilized Swamp - Fire in the Cave
Monolog - Abest
Dark Eyes of My Past - Brainoil
Autumn of Souls - Desecresy
Consuming the Void - Beyond

Reverence Through Darkness - Swallowed

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Grind - 11/2/14 (Core of Destruction Radio).

Here is the show from this week. This mix rules. It wasn't a live show because I wasn't able to do so. The next few months will be tricky for live shows due to RL stuff. You can download the show here: or stream it via Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 11/2/14

Vomit Every Dreg - Masochist
Your Own Hands - Shitgrinder
Blind Cultures - Shitgrinder
Upon The Threshold - Woundvac
Neumotorax - Ritual Of Flesh    
Withered Dreams Of Death - Cemetery Fog
Ancient Horror - Rigor Mortis

Caeles - Whorls
Disabused - Fuck The Facts
Life Of Delusion - No Faith
They Watch - No Faith
Afterkingdom - Thaw
Drowned - Phobocosm
Road - Stench
Rain of Ashes - Resurrection  

Burning Mighty Empires -  Spawn
Forced Mutilation - Vomitile
Emanation From Below - Ascended Dead
Painspell - Horrid
Funeral Ghoul - Funereus
Eternal Torment - Grim Legion
Void Manifest - Ritual Necromancy
Cemetery Filth - Cemetery Filth
Opened From Inside - Internal Rot
Born Of A Murderer - Goretrade
Perang Otak - Pantheon
Maimed And Gained - Phobia
Scalpel - Iron Lung
Stench - Iron Lung
New Dark Ages - Godflesh

Death Is Imminent - Lavatory

Friday, October 31, 2014

FFF - Graverobber.

Happy Halloween!! Let's get some "name your price" old school death metal action in here courtesy of Amsterdam's Graverobber! Check out the sick J Card art! Listen to the filthy distorted headbanger riffs! Play it fucking loud!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Grind - 10/26/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here it is. A Halloween show for the week of Halloween. No talking except for the show intro. Wanted to keep the creepy theme undisturbed. Mostly tracks about witches because that is what I am into this year. WITCHES MAN. You can download the show here: stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 10/26/14 HALLOWITCH'N EDITION

Rabid Werewitch - Acid Witch
Olde Spyrits Haunt the Thickets - Old Witch
Ghosts in The Undergrowth - Whelm
Witchfuck - Nifelheim
Ditch Witch - Goatsblood
Werewolves Curse - Mortician
The Chamber Of Horrors - Vampiric Motives
Forest Witch - Sutekh Hexen
Ghost in the Mirror - Sabbat
Frankenstein Conquers the World - Denial Fiend
Cellar Grave Vampire - Vampire
Witch Hunt - Cancer
The Cauldron - Witchrist
Realm Of The Dead - Nocturnal Witch
Occult Abyss - Mortuary Drape
Through Crypts of Ghostland - Stench
Witch's Dream - Daemusinem
Witchburned - Derketa
Gorgon Witch - Druid Lord
Six Souls for the Witching Hour - Howling
Worship The Dead - Decrepitaph
Part I: I Am The Psychic Vampire Slayer - Diabolical Sacrilege
Witching Hour - Hellchild
Ghost Fight - The Psyke Project
A Monster Revealed - Kadath
Halloween (The Night HE Came Home) - Fondlecorpse
Rocktober Blood - Blood Freak

Saturday, October 25, 2014

FFF - Eaten.

Massachusetts area grind/gore/death from the band Eaten. They play metal like I want to play metal. Fast, short, heavy, gross, and with a bit of punk/crust/shit thrown in on top of a healthy helping of death. In short I fucking dig it a lot. "Name your price" and see for yourself!!!

Mixcloud embeds.

Just noticed all of the embedded mixcloud links in the archived shows are fucked up from June of this year going back. I fixed most of the ones from this year but I don't know if I care enough to go back and fix all the rest. The shows are still on The Grind Mixcloud page here: and all of the posts have download links as well. Carry on.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

FFF - Infinity Horror.


Infinity Horror. Death metal. Great old school sound straight out of Brazil. Well worth a chance to "name your price" and see what its about. DO IT

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Grind - 9/28/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here is the show from last Sunday. Won't be a new show for this week or next week as I am out of town. You'll have to make do with this filth instead! You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 9/28/14

Worms Of Almighty God - Godagainst
When The Pillars Fall - Spearhead   
Buried Alive - Craniotomy
Evil Absorbs The World - Dished 
Night Of The Chicken Dead - Corpsefucking Art
Descent into Darkness - Abysm
Faith In Debauchery - Cleric

Exposition of Deformities - Antropofagus
Buried In Hell - Funeral Whore
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie -  Broken Gravestones  
Shallow Existence - Finem Vitae
Vivisection Autophagia - Buried To Rot  
Abysmal Rotting - Grave Ritual  
Faith Eater - All Pigs Must Die

Remnants Of Mutilated Bodies - Degrade  
Carved to Pieces - Antropomorphia
Burning The Blessed - Cumbeast
Nothing But Death - The Day Everything Became Nothing
Destiny - Butcher Shoppe
Morte Da Tossico - Cripple Bastards
Beyond The Seventh Door - Abysme 
Slash Dementia - Carcass 
Not Dead But Buried - Ribspreader
Overstrain - Diskord
Monolith of Filth - Defamer
World Execution - Creeping Fear  
Unmarked Grave - Eviscium
Mutilation - Corpus Rottus
Gluework: Scum - Ignominy

Dead - Cloudburst

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Grind - 9/21/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Loud shit. Good shit. New shit. Here is the show from yesterday and you can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 9/21/14

Vocatvs - Gateway 
Paradisaic - Vorage    
The Roadside Slaughterhouse - Bloodshed
Descending Into Madness - The Brood
Evil Rise - Death Vomit
III: The Blasted Heath - Recitation
Submersion End - Anatomia
Eternal Winter - Sex Messiah
Criminal Ecstasy - Blackthorn   
Longing For Silence - Endless Distrust
Immortally Dethroned - Relics Of Humanity
Infestation - Zombiefication

Deathkult - Revel In Flesh 
As The Feast Begins - Feral
Masterpieces - Exhumed
Temple Of Evil - Insepulchral
Calcified Death - Apocryphal
Under the Banner of Carrion - Altar
Reverance - Suffering Quota
Endless Failure - ACxDC
Rejuvenation - The Phantom Carriage 
A Fallible Minimum - Utopium    
Ruthless Aggression - Fuck... I'm Dead
Falling Upwards - Watchmaker
Violence for No Reason - Archagathus
Banished From Humanity - Devoid

The Only Grave - Aevangelist