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Monday, August 18, 2014

FFF - Stheno.

Free fucking GRINDS from the Greek band Stheno. Got a nice crusty vibe to it with a bit of black metal guitar tone. Pretty killer shit. Did I mention you can download it for free?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Grind - 8/3/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Yesterday was my birthday. I decided to put some songs in the playlist that I could air drum too. I did. Mission accomplished. You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 8/3/14

Thanatophilus Rugosus - Dead Meat 
Enema Bulldozer - Cock And Ball Torture
Antiprism - Drowned  
Ceremony Of Belial - Unaussprechlichen Kulten
Left-Hand Wrath - Cleric
My Unique Law - Ancient Emblem 
We Are Watching You - Boddicker
Suicide - Shroud
Necrocannibal - Mortician
Where There's Killing, There's My Way - Catasexual Urge Motivation
Dismemberment Corpse Collector - Maggut
Castrate Rapists - Hymen Holocaust
Time To Kill - Dr.Gore
Olen Aivoton - Kantamus
Wire Mother - Corrupt Moral Altar

The Cannibal In The Fog - Corpse Cook
That Which Crawls - Mordbrand
Funeral Rites - At The Grave
Hostile Life - Entrapment 
Demon Semen - Cleaver
The Lion-Head - Deathchain
Tecato's Field - Crucifixion
Sadism Of Hallucinogenic Addiction - Intestine Baalism

Patriot - Hate Force
Invisible Spears Of Abomination - Energumen
Radiation Sickness - Repulsion
Incantation of Restoration - Convulse
Ebola Infected Plane Crash Victims Raining On Church Picnic - Putrescence
Astronomy - Cloud Rat
Fuckoffanddie - Carcass Grinder
Putrid Thoughts - Agonised

Conjuring the Dead - Belphegor

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Grind - 7/27/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Here is the show from this week. Death heavy mix. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 2/27/14

Choose Your Death - Necrodeath
The Spell of Necronomicon - Atomic Aggressor
Life is Fucked - Obligatorisk Tortyr
Pestifer - Exmortem
Cold - Cadaverous Condition
Sold Baptism - Morgoth
Vultures - Deus Otiosus
Nuclear Penetration - Graverobber
Conscious Autopsy - Graverobber
Crack Open a Cold One - Coffin Dust
As I Behold I Despise - Demigod
Nocturnal Black Blood - Nocturnal Blood
(Behind) The Scaffold - Deviated Instinct
Old Hand - Home
The Slip - Garbage Can

I Am Blessed with the Throt of French Kings, Encrusted with Golden Bee - Ringing Bell 
Crawler/Sickening Deeds - Eternal Rot
Morte Datores - QRIXKUOR
I Am The Liquor - Rat Faced Bastard
This Will Make Your Blood Run Cold - Grinned  
Breaking The Stranglehold Of The Apocalypse - Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement
Will Is To Kill - Infernal Revulsion
Throne of Ooze - Coprocephalic
Suicide Against Old Age - S.M.E.S.
Old Blackwood - Mudlark
Sweat It Out - Mother Brain
Behold The Lamb Of God Descending - Judas Iscariot
Behead the Bastard - Gravestone

To Crawl Among the Gods - Crippler   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

FFF - Osraige.


Found this. Raw and cryptloving shit fuck black crust from Osraige. Enter the darkness and crank this shit up!! This one is a straight up free download so what are you waiting for?!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Grind - 7/20/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Fuck yes! Another week of The Grind on Core of Destruction Radio. A few listeners live but plenty of folks still need to hear this!! You can download it here:  or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 7/20/14

Pale New Eyes - Stoneburner
Dawn of the Dying Living - Morbo
Morbid Priest (Of Hell) - Slutvomit
Hellfire Cult - Nocturnal Witch
Afterworld Inebriation - Spewtilator
Lycanthropy - Phantasm
Haunted by Demons - Under the Church
Blood Red Path - Sectesy
Redistribution of Filth - Origin
A Shrink Wrapped Corpse - Human Compost
Dead Eyes - Feastem
Insomnia - Svffer
Mortality, Christianity, Suicidally - Sperm
Craving The Silence - Secret Cutter

Hellbound - Teethgrinder
Convocation - Flittering
Saw Collector - Tellusian 
Urtiden - Ocean Chief  
The Swine Heard - WORT  
Voice Of The Bowl - Cannabis Corpse
Memorial - Rude
Crown Of Thorns - Kingdom
Sepulchral Temple - Sepulchral Temple
Peeling Lands And Curdled Seas - Intestinal Disgorge
Decomposed Fixation [Third Chapter] - Dripping
Among The Fallen Ones - Infest
Impale The Fraud - Christ Denied 
Creepy Things - Cropsy Maniac
Prophetic Oration Of Self - Ghoulgotha 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FFF - Human Bodies.

Hateful fuzz shit black punk metal craps in my ear. That's what I get from listening to this demo from Human Bodies. Whatever this is called I like it! "Name your price" and worship the drunken unholy goat.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Grind - 7/6/14 (Core of Destruction Radio).

Here is a 4th of July weekend spectacular with songs all about WAR. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud as usual. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 7/6/14

Images Of War/Images Of Pain - Cripple Bastards
Addicted To War - Cut To Fit
War on You - Dead Instrument
In Times of War - Blunt Trauma
Total War - Fleshred
Wartorn - Angelcorpse
Psychological Warfare - Bolt Thrower
Cheap War - Disact
War - Antigama 
Blood, War, Pain - B.R.S.  
War, Whiskey, Sodomy - Bahimiron
Will Is The War - Dead In The Dirt
War Storm - Corax
War Command - Blasphemy
The Last Days Of War - Decaying
Unholy Vengeance Of War - Black Witchery
War and Genocide - Embalmed
Warhead - Coffins
Warfuck - Bestial Mockery
Rage War - Cianide

Army of Death - Deathhammer
Stupid War - Excruciating Terror
Remorseless Wargrinder - Warhammer
War Is Hell - Mordbrand
Wardrive - Wastelander
Imminent War - Corpse Grinder
Let's Go to War - Brutal Truth
Fulfilled in Warfare - Deeds of Flesh
Divine War - Diabolical Messiah
Wargods - Datura
Warwound - Hecatomb
War Criminal - Disgust
War Fear - Famine
The False War - Drugs Of Faith
After War Obliteration - Insect Warfare
Absence of War - Nausea   
Cold War - Siege
In Times of War - Dying Fetus   
Post War Psychosis - Mass Burial
Wardead - Dismember


Monday, June 30, 2014

The Grind - 6/29/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

This is the show on Core of Destruction Radio from this week. Tons of new stuff so if you dig that sort of thing check it out. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 6/29/14

Part II - Dragged Into Sunlight
Hung From The Ash Tree - Lamplighter
Unholy Union - Athanatos
Winds of Black Vomit Angel - Skeletal Augury

Atonement Ritual - Embrace of Thorns
Blood Brothers - Prophecy
Morbid Dawn Of The Deceased - Unconsecrated
Carrion Prophecy - Incantation
Morbid Black Oath - Gravecrusher
Loss Ritual - Of Spire & Throne

Angel Of Meth - The Rotted  
Massacre Civil - Desalmado
Logic Flanders - Intense Hammer Rage
Giraffetermath - HORSEBASTARD
Floating and Bloating - Gutted Alive
Desecrated Souls - Hour of Penance

Whisper From The Abyss - Expulsion
Triumph Of Death - Vader
Full Of Victims - Incarnated
Of Ishtar and Men - Ophiuchus
Instant Death - Rise of the Cadaver
Incantation - Disinterred

Between the Dying and the Dead - Near Death Condition

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FFF - Dying Sun.

Do you like it heavy? How about a bit of melody? Sometimes you can have it both and it can still be metal. Such is the case with this record from Dying Sun. Heavy melodic sludge sure to crush the very light from your existence. "Name your price" and begin to see the light...

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Grind - 6/22/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Had to take a week off due to some cross country travel. Back this week with a killer mix. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 6/22/14

The Killing Gods - Misery Index
Emissary - Sarcolytic
Illusions Of Peace - Gadget
Grau - Abest
De Librio Arbitrio - Blut Aus Nord

Glowing Phosphoros - P.H.O.B.O.S.  
Ringer - Godflesh 
Blight - Impetuous Ritual

Rides The Moonstorm - Pentacle 
Hell-A-Caust - Martire
Where All Flesh is Soil - Vanhelgd 
Twisted Spirit - Nunslaughter
Betrayed By Light - Young And In The Way
New Life - Enabler
Salted Crypts - Trap Them 

Pentecostal Black Punishment - Barbarian Swords 
Bloodshed - Dished  
Gruesome Textures Of Fire - Eroded
Valon Lapset - Vainaja
Too Much - Spliff
Serpents - Constant Vulse
Rise to Failure - The Drip 
Reason To Die - Weekend Nachos 

Dismembered By Perverted Limbs - Splattered  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FFF - Larvae.

Here. It is death/doom from Oakland courtesy of Larvae. Some nice groove riffs and evil/heavy production. Dig it. "Name your price" and see if you dig it too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Grind - 6/8/14 (Core of Destruction Radio).

Another show on Core of Destruction Radio. This one was a fun mix of mostly DM featuring a bunch of newer music. You can download it here:  or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 6/8/14

Claws - Serpentine Path
Beyond The Nothingness - Manticore
Hell Is Here - Headhunter D.C
Pestilential Harlot Empress - Cryptelisk
No Second Earth - Anti Ritual
Pill - Thou
Hijos del Caos - Aposento

Abysmal Malevolence - Torchure
Everlasting Hell in Sanctity - Decaying Purity
Dawning New Aeon - Abysmal Torment
Chalice - Beneath
Nectars of Tantric Murder - Genocide Shrines
Atrocities & the Spiritual Rape - Act of Impalement

Pitch Beneath Eternity - Lurk
Overdose - Gatecreeper
Quintessence Maligned - Dead Congregation
Autopsy - Autopsy
Thrones Of Abysmal Torment - Intestinal Strangulation
Genocide Pact - Genocide Pact

Ammoniac - Fange
Human Bomb Pieces Wrapped With Pork Skin - Datura
Beneath the Ossuary - Symptom  
A Chamber Beneath - Putrified
Pulpating Guts - Dungeons of Blood
Skeleton Shrine - Eskhaton

Unsavorably - Swallowed

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Grind - 6/1/14 (Core of Destruction Radio).

Here is the Sunday show from Core of Destruction Radio from this week. The theme was SCIENCE with songs about science and science fiction. You can download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 6/1/14

Dark Science - Amongst the Deceit
Alien Contamination - Engorged
The Dimension Beyond - Centinex
Spacequake - Eskhaton
Laboratory Of Nightmares - Hooded Menace
Breeding Alien Hybrids - Extremely Rotten

Abducted By Aliens - Lord Mantis
Chestburster - Dead Again
Plan 9 From Outer Space - Neuropathia
Unnatural Science - Crypticus
Flesheaters From Outerspace - Blood Freak
Flabby Little Things From Beyond - Death Breath
Lab Rat - General Surgery
Beyond Recall - Embalming Theatre
Ray Bradbury - Bloodhag
Isaac Asimov - Bloodhag

Mechanized Death - GHOUL
Mutilator - Splatterhouse
Invasion of the Babesnatchers - Axeslasher
They're Not Human - Revolting
The Patients Are Revolting - Impaled
Rocket Symphony - Dead Awaken
Wormhole Inversion - Abominable Putridity
Code Injection - Pathology
Ethnologic Cybernetics - Element

From Beyond - Bastard Priest
Death Machine - Cianide
The Radiant Ravenous - Ex Dementia
Human Test Subjects - Gore Obsessed
Transcending A Mere Multiverse - Portal
Vomiting Fire (Coronal Mass Ejection) - MAL
Parasitic Skies - The Throat of the Sleeping Sun
Jupiter's Eye - Pig Destroyer

Waters of Space - Deeds of Flesh

FFF - Black Goat of the Woods.

Free fuckin' filth grind/black/death. These guys come from Indiana where life is shit and beer is cheap. You can hear it all in every fucked up distorted riff on this record. See for yourself if you think you can handle the goat....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Grind - 5/118/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

It's that time again. Time for a recording of the Sunday show on Core of Destruction Radio. Bunch of new stuff in this one with a killer mix of Death Metal from around the globe. Download it here: or stream it on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 5/18/14

From The Ethereal Vortex - Puteraeon
Flaming Sword Of Satan - Impaled Nazarene 
Abhorrent Regression - Ulceration
Inoculate - Carried Off By Wolves
The Bovine Movement - Carried Off By Wolves 
Back to the Leaf - Earthburner
Orgasm Induced Pus Explosion - Visceral Hatred 
Mortuary Waste - Offal 

Brown Totem - Aborted Fetus
Assimilate - Phylum  
Fear - Abaddon Incarnate
You Know Nothing - Vermin Womb
Robitussin and Rejection - Eyehategod  
Death Twitch - Autopsy  
Endless Asphyxiating Gloom - Sabbatory 
Eaten Alive - Gluttony

Infinite Halls - Desecresy
Death Mask - Lord Mantis
Into The Absolute - Owl
Dead Insane - Ride For Revenge
Hierarchal Gluttony - Benumb
Unwelcome Methods - Human Cull
Red Hole - Omniscient Foe

Devoured - Wombripper
Arise - Sadus
Failures For Gods - Immolation
Omens of Doom - Cognitive Dissonance
Lords Of Hidden Knowledge - Coronation
The Repercussions of Fetus Consumption - Twitch Of The Death Nerve

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Grind - 5/4/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

Good to be back on the air after being gone a few weeks. I really enjoyed this show and it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Check it out here: or on Mixcloud. PLAY IT LOUD.

The Grind - 5/4/14

Hole - Home 
Sexwitch - Dishammer 
From the Sky - Arson Under the Sea
Advertisement Overdose - Multinational Corporations
See Through Negative - Dead Instrument 
Demonic Sadocarnage - Horrid
Anointing Of The Sick - Anarchos
The Head of Henry Grey - Meadows
Beneath Black Skies - Coltsblood
Altar Of Deceit - Triptykon
Midnight Violence Ritual - Osraige

Towards Black Pest - Hacavitz
Lied To - Idylls 
Saccharine - Dakhma
Salamander Karate -  Sockweb
Repulsive and Extreme Aversion - Exterminate
Human-Eating Herd of the Damned - Decapitated Christ

Morbid Kind Of Flesh - Roots Of Rot
Cultivate Dissolution - Disciples Of Christ
Our Great Agrarian Past (Blut and Boden) - Sperm
Unholy Living Dead - Mabuse
Lurking Terror - Sadistic Intent
Unforseen Future - Prophecy

Shepherd Of Dead Sheeps - Monastyr

Thursday, May 1, 2014

FFF - Eternal Oblivion.

How about some "name your price" death/thrash to get things moving!? Check out this great shit from Eternal Oblivion. Perfect for jamming loud in a car or in your bedroom on headphones. Get it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Grind - 4/13/14 (Core of Destruction Radio)

A bit more technical death this time around but we got some filth and sleaze in there too. All things loud, heavy, and sick. You can download the show here: or stream it on Mixcloud. You know the drill. PLAY IT LOUD

The Grind - 4/13/14

Mortal Ambush - Warcrusher
Polarity - Decrepit Birth
Hollow Skulls - Murder Made God
Neverending Pain - Putrified J
The Day That Humanity Failed - Shattered Eyes
Abomination 459 - Adramelech
Catharsis - Siege Of Hate

Troll - Thorr's Hammer
647 Bastards - Bones 
Aberdeen - World Is Shit
Digging Deeper Into Wounds -  Instinct Of Survival
44 Candles of Doom - Rotten
Meat Train - Intestinal
Waterdrop - 324

Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation - Exit-13
The Hammer Of Doubt - Power Trip
Cattle Mutilation - Rigor Mortis
Merciless Controller - Nephasth
Unaware - Stheno
4 Religions, 7 Seas, And The 9th Article - Woundeep
Gravel - The Day Everything Became Nothing

The Endless Regression of Mind - Odious Mortem
Hideously Conceived - Hour of Penance
Into The Vein - Vein
My Cure Is Your Disease - Shattered Hope
Bloody Hatchet of Forgiveness - Posthumous Blasphemer

Game of Cones - Lizzard Wizzard

Thursday, April 10, 2014

FFF - Lothorian.

Low end filth from Belgium based Lothorian. If you like having your bits rattled and blasted you would do well to check this out and "name your price".

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FFF - Napalm Christ.

Arkansas is a shitty place. I don't like it there.

Napalm Christ play metal and live in that state. Their music is much better than the place it comes from. Certainly influenced by bands like Napalm Death and Autopsy but a beast all of itself. I like it. You can "name your price" and check it out too!!